The art of direction is a company boutique delivering outstanding original visual and design creation.

Our focus is the excellence of ideas answering to a meaningful direction. We tailor the best practice and with the best-curated team of talents, we adapt to the specific needs of each project.

Production designers, VFX supervisor, film directors, and company directors trust giving us their main or entire production design needs. We pride ourselves in a very good relationship that we are building over the years.

Our understanding has been forged by a strong experienced visual creation for the high-end market of the movie industry which we like to bring to any other visual field at first occasion: advertising, animation, architecture, video creation.

Launched in mid-2015 by Virginie Bourdin. Virginie was MPC art director for almost 10 years and had created there, the first VFX concept artist position and VFX art department from 2003. Developing a deep understanding of the creative process, she has helped numerous directors, VFX supervisors and producers to win pitches and develop their vision. She’s surrounded by globally located artists who share a similar experience in high-end movie-making. She’s also a talent curator helping many amazing talents to set up on their international carriers.

We are a UK registered company operating on location, remotely and from our base in Barcelona.

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