Visual development

Characters, environments, props for fiction, animation, visual effects and marketing. We create designs which haven’t been seen before. To do so, we believe in drawing from a pool of singular talents to create unique designs for one of a kind projects!

Saving precious time for Productions Designers VFX Supervisors and Directors.

Giving transparency and flexibility to line producers.

We help you plan your pitch and visual development by:

Crewing up with strong, talented and experienced artists with relevant skill sets.

Organising and managing the teamwork and the stream of visuals produced, complying to each art department’s requirements.

 Supervising creative development execute the given vision.

Delivering concept art honed by 15 years of art direction experience in both a leading VFX house and a high-end production art department.

Setting up efficient workflows specific to real needs using best practices.

Ensuring the continuity of creative vision throughout production and post-production.